Arrow Keys
Move around
z/cGrab bodies
pPause/change difficulty

This is my first game jam game, and first game where I finished feeling good about it. I got the idea by checking out the wikipedia disambiguation page for "Star" and getting interested in a medical style game, as it would fit the theme with the "Star of life" logo. I was inspired by the old Game and Watch game where you play as a firefighter with a trampoline saving people from a burning building.

During the brainstorming process I realized it would be best to still include the star theme somewhat more obviously, and decided you should save people from falling stars.

With the game idea ready, what followed was 3 surprisingly not hair-pull-inducing hours of development, and I have a game I can be decently proud of!


Download 674 kB
Version 6 Sep 17, 2020
Download 3 MB
Version 5 Sep 17, 2020
Download 1 MB
Version 4 Sep 17, 2020
starlight.p8.png 5 kB
Version 3 Sep 17, 2020
starlight-original-gamejam.p8.png 4 kB


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Clever! It's a bit too hard for me, but that might be because I have a split keyboard that's not conducive to arrow keys. Good looking sprites, clever concept